15 Reasons Why You Must Attend Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Festival on Saturday, 6 October

2018-09-13T06:23:03+00:00 Lifestyle, vegan, Yoga|

Stop! And book your tickets for Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Festival which is happening this Saturday , October 6th, 2018, at The Halley Academy, Corelli Road, Blackheath, SE38EP. We can guarantee you that it will be a great family day out. Why? Why You Must Attend Greenwich Yoga and Vegan Food Festival [...]

Sarcastic Vegan Replies to the 5 Most Annoying Questions That Non Vegans Ask

2018-03-28T11:01:48+00:00 vegan|

The constant stream of questions from non-vegans to vegans. It’s like Jeopardy but with lots more plants and no bacon. The Vegan Express often calls in at these five stations of curiosity. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Where do you get your protein from? I don’t. I’m dead and this is just [...]

How to Make Vegan Milk That Contains 5 Times More Calcium Than Cows Milk

2018-01-07T14:30:32+00:00 vegan|

Haven't we all read this lie in our school textbooks that we should have cow's milk every day because it is rich in Calcium. The books forgot to mention that cow's milk is an excellent source of calcium and other nutrients not for humans but for her baby calf that has 4 stomachs and [...]

Glutenfree Vegan Breakfast: Indian-style Risotto from Millets

2018-01-07T14:38:28+00:00 vegan, Vegan Recipe|

Are you bored of eating your Risotto the same way? It's time to spice up and healthify the most popular lunch dish and make it your breakfast. This 100% vegan recipe is perfect for someone who is always running out of fresh ideas to make food interesting. Please note that besides being vegan, this [...]

Make Healthy Indian Coconut Curry Raw. No cooking!

2017-09-11T10:27:28+00:00 vegan, Vegan Recipe|

In our busy lives, we have very little time for ourselves. No point wasting that time in baking, frying or cooking for long hours. Here, we bring to you a super nutritious recipe that tastes yum and you need only 10 minutes to make it – or even less! Indian food is not only [...]

How to Make Healthy Indian Dessert – Raw Vegan Ladoo

2017-09-11T10:17:42+00:00 vegan, Vegan Recipe|

Indian sweets don’t always have to be deeply fried and loaded with white sugar, there is a way to please your sweet tooth without compromising the health quotient. Try this delightful recipe of making popular Indian dessert called ‘ladoos’ – sweet balls. This recipe uses a lot of healthy fats such as nuts and [...]

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