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Woah! 5 Hidden Toxin in Detergents. #3 really shocked me.

2018-04-02T09:15:58+00:00 Lifestyle|

Dirty chemicals in our clean laundry...I don't know about you, but Saturday night Facebooking turned out to be explosive for me when I stumbled upon this article about deadly chemicals in laundry detergents. Although the article was published by a famous news website, I decided to do my own research to find out how dangerous [...]

Vegan Tibetan Dish – Tingmo and Phing-Mogro Stew with Sepen

2018-03-28T12:23:18+00:00 Vegan Recipe|

Tingmo or Ting-momo (fluffy steamed bun) and Phing-mogro (mung bean vermicelli and dried black Chinese mushroom) are a popular Tibetan dish that you’ll often find on the menu of most Tibetan parties and weddings. Tibetans relish it with all their heart because it is so so good. Although beef is a prime ingredient of the [...]

Sarcastic Vegan Replies to the 5 Most Annoying Questions That Non Vegans Ask

2018-03-28T11:01:48+00:00 vegan|

The constant stream of questions from non-vegans to vegans. It’s like Jeopardy but with lots more plants and no bacon. The Vegan Express often calls in at these five stations of curiosity. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Where do you get your protein from? I don’t. I’m dead and this is just [...]

7 Reasons Why You Must Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival this Sunday

2018-02-26T15:03:53+00:00 Yoga|

Stop! And book your tickets for Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival which is happening this Suday, March 4th at St Gregory School, OX43DR. We can guarantee you that it will be a great family day out. Why? Why You Must Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Food Festival This Weekend #Reason 1: 40 Yoga [...]

10 Reasons to Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival on Saturday| Feb 16th

2019-02-15T09:18:22+00:00 vegan, Yoga|

Stop! And book your tickets for the 2nd annual Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival which is happening on Saturday, Feb 16th at The Oxford Academy, OX46JZ. Fee: From £3 (online); £5 (on the door)We can guarantee you that it will be the perfect family day out. Why? Why You Must Attend Oxford [...]

Kingston Yoga Fest Returns! 42 Yoga/meditation sessions, 30 Teachers & £5 Entry| Jan 28th

2018-01-14T15:38:59+00:00 Uncategorized|

All-day Yoga, meditation, talks, stalls, classes for kids and yummy vegan food! Kingstonians have a reason to rejoice. The much-loved annual Yoga fiesta is back in a bigger and better avatar. Kingston Yoga and Vegan festival will take place on January 28th (it's a Sunday, yay!) at Hollyfield School, Surbiton. More than 40 [...]

Super Easy Recipe to Make 100% Naural Laundry Detergent at Home

2018-02-14T09:50:09+00:00 DIY|

Are you allergic to all the toxic chemicals and artificial perfumes in commercial laundry detergents? No problem! This simple recipe to make a fully natural laundry detergent is just for you. The recipe was popular amongst Indian women (a long time ago though) to make a detergent-like base to wash clothes. We have tweaked the [...]

Vegan Ice Cream That Has 2 times More Protein Than Eggs

2018-01-07T14:22:22+00:00 Vegan Recipe|

Aren't all vegetarians and vegans tired of answering the same old question: "But where do you get your protein from?" Non-vegans often forget that their protein (Aka milk, dairy products, eggs or meat) gets its protein from plants! Elephants, cows, and even rhinos do just fine on a plant-based diet. "But we are not [...]

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