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Yoga and Vegan Festival

Date: October 28th, 2018
Time: 9:00–18.00
Venue: GaryDuff Sports Centre, Rochestown

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Class Timetable at
Cork Yoga and Vegan Festival

Join Cork’s first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival in beautiful campus of GaryDuff Sports Centre. You can participate in Yoga and meditation sessions, treat your taste buds to some delicious plant-based foods, try henna body art, enjoy relaxing massages, attend talks on subjects of health and wellbeing (including mental health), and end the day with fun Bollywood dancing.

We are planning to schedule multiple Yoga/meditation sessions at the festival. Yoga and meditation teachers from different backgrounds are coming together to teach at the festival and give you an amazing Yogic experience. Each session will be 45-minutes-long. Doing Yoga and chanting with like-minded Yogis could be a divine experience in itself. Imagine, what positive vibes we will create together!

Entry fee

Each session is priced at only 4 euros. Yes, you heard that right. In Ireland, you may or may not be able to buy a proper coffee for 4 euros but you can surely buy a ticket to our festival. The 4 euro ticket gives you unlimited access to our stalls area and talks. You can stay for as long or as little as you like. If you want to attend more than one session, you are welcome to do that – you just need to buy more tickets. Everything can be booked online and you will be guaranteed a space in the class of your choice.

Room A Class 1 @ 9 am:
Hatha Yoga for a Healthy Spine with Imelda

Hatha yoga is the oldest branch of yoga. The Sanskrit word haṭha literally means “force” and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques. The Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā is a classic fifteenth-century Sanskrit manual on hatha yoga, written by Svāmi Svātmārāma, is among the most influential surviving texts on hatha yoga.

A class on traditional Hatha Yoga, as taught in India, including Pranayama breathing techniques (Pranayama), asana (core Yoga postures) practice and meditation. In this class we will bring some focus to the upper spine and with gentle backbends bring relief to those who use screens a lot! With mindfulness at the heart of Imelda’s teaching style, you will learn how to connect your breath to the movement of your body.

Breathe, stretch, relax… Suitable for all- beginners and intermediate.

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Room A; Class 2 @ 10 am:
Yogability Workshop: Yoga for Strengthening the Joints With Louise

Scientific take on traditional Yoga, this class is designed to focus on strengthening the joints as opposed to merely increasing the range of movement in it. The Yoga postures in the class will blend the principles of functional mobility exercises to help you prevent injuries, and improve balance, flexibility, and strength.

Taught by Louise, a qualified functional range conditioning mobility specialist and a Yoga teacher, this class is a combination of traditional Hatha yoga blended with scientifically researched mobility training exercises which serve to improve the function and health of our joints.

This class is suitable for all (especially for athletes).

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Room A; Class 3 @ 11 am:
Ashtanga Yoga with Nikki

The Ashtanga method of asana practice originated in 1900s in the city of Mysore in India, and was developed by T. Krishnamacharya, who is considered as the father of modern Yoga.In Ashtanga Yoga, the order of asanas is entirely predefined, which distinguishes it from most other types of yoga. A practice consists of four parts: Opening series, a main series, a back-bending sequence and a finishing sequence.

This class led by an experienced Yoga teacher, Scarlet, will incorporate both Ashtanga and Vinysa styles of Yoga. She is going to teach a dynamic, strong class, going through the fundamental asanas of Primary series. Beginning by connecting with the ujayii breath, students will move through the key asanas of primary series – sun salutations, standing, balances, seated, hip-openers, back bends and finishing. Sweat stretch and feel goooood….

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Room A; Class 4 @ 12 pm:
Yoga for Muladhara Chakra: Opening Tight Hips, Hamstrings and Sliding into Yogic Splits with Mary

According to the Yoga philosophy, the seven chakras or energy centers comprise their model of the energetic or subtle body. Each chakra is located along the spine, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. Just like Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland etc make up our physical body, the chakras constitute our subtle body.

The word Muladhara is a combination of two Sanskrit words.: “Mula,” which means “root” and “Adhara,” which means “support” or “base.”The seven chakras are all important and interconnected. However, the root chakra is especially important, as it is the base of our whole chakra system. It is the most instinctual of all chakras, the very basis of our survival center. Our “fight-or-flight” response is initiated here.

On an emotional level, the root chakra is associated with grounding, vitality, and stability. But on a physical level, it regulates the lower part of the body – legs, inner thighs, hips and hamstrings. So, in this class, the Yoga teacher, Mary, will help you open the blockages in the Muladhara chakra thus helping you develop flexibility in your legs, inner thighs (abductors and adductors) and hamstrngs. Keep following the practice and eventually you will be able to slide into full splits.

Be ready to dive deeper inside to explore a combination of various stretch oriented Yoga and breathwork with Mary

Beginners are welcome.This class is extremely beneficial for runners or if you are into any physical sports.

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Room A; Class 5 @ 1 pm:
Awakening the Balariddhi: Yoga for Enhancing the Strength to make the journey from Crow to Handstands

The Sanskrit word, ‘Bala’ means strength, so Balariddhi refers to “extraordinary strength of mind and body. There is no limit to what your body can achieve, if you put your mind to it. This class will focus on enhancing the core strength (bala).In this workshop, you will learn the right breathing technique, posture and props that are needed to stand on your elbows, head and hand.

This class is led by a vegan Yoga teacher, Reg, who is coming from Ireland to show you how to use the strength in your body and mind to do challenging arm balances. Some level of experience in crow/crane poses, headstand or good core strength will be helpful for the class.

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Room A : Class 6 @ 2 pm:
Slow Vinyasa Flow for Ultimate Relaxation and Stress Relief with Claire

Vinyasa Yoga, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. It is characterized by stringing a variety of Yoga postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath
This workshop for all levels lead by Sophia, combines a dynamic yoga flow combined with mindfulness and meditation.

This workshop will energize and empower you and encourage you to express yourself freely to practice a yoga flow filled with passion and vitality.

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Room A : Class 7 @ 3 pm:
Flowing with the five elements ~ alignment based Vinyasa Yoga with Jo

According to ancient Indian Vedic philosophy, there are five elements that are believed to be the fundamental constitution of the universe. Referred to in Sanskrit as the pancha mahabhutas: bhūmi (earth), ap or jala (water), tejas or agni (fire), marut, vayu or pavan (air or wind) and vyom or shunya (space or zero) or akash (aether or void). The system believes one should keep all five elements in balance, otherwise violence, stress, destruction and confusion can take over when the elements are out of balance.

In this class, the teacher, Jo, will guide you into a sequence of Vinyasa Yoga postures that are focused on enhancing the balance and flow of 5 elements in your body.

The class is suitable for beginners.

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Room A : Class 8 @ 4 pm:
Power-Vinyasa Yoga with Reg

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session.

Taught by the experienced Yoga teacher, Reg, who is coming all the way from Dublin to teach at the festival, this class promises to be the perfect total mind-body workout that you need.

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Room A : Class 9 @ 5 pm:
Gong Bath with Sharon

Gong Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxing holistic rejuvenating vibrational ancient tools. The Gong produces a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch, which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell. It feels like a sound massage for the body and mind (great for those of you who like the idea of a massage, but don’t like to be touched).

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body, it stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system, it increases prana, our vital life force and improves circulation.

Led by the Gong master, Sound therapist, Reiki healer and musician, Sharon, the session will aim to purify and relax the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

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Room B : Class 01 @ 09 am:
Kundalini Yoga with Miriam (Har Anand)

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most comprehensive styles of Yoga. It encompasses Bhakti Yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja Yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control) and Shakti Yoga, (for the expression of power and energy). The Kundalini energy is a poetic metaphor which describes the potential energy that exists within each of us. The Kundalini energy is considered to be located in the energetic body at the base of the spine. With the practice of Yoga, the Kundalini energy expands upwards awakening our potential to connect with our higher selves
Traditionally, Kundalini Yoga was a secret practice only passed from teacher to the deserving few students. It was brought in its currently practiced avatar by Yogi Bhajan.

This class taught by one of the most well-known Kundalini Yoga teachers in Cork, Miriam, will leave you awakened and more conscious of the potential of your body and mind.

The class is suitable for everyone

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Room B : Class 2 @ 10 am:
Traditional Arti of Shivam Yoga

Traditional Shivam Yoga is named after a form of yoga founded on Shankhya and Tantra philosophies, some of the oldest philosophies of India.It is based on techniques such as balance, stretching, strength, rotation of spine, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, and mantras.

In this class, you will get an opportunity to learn these techniques from ancient Indian civilization from students of the famous 66-years-old Brazilian Yoga guru and published author, Master Arnaldo de Almeida. All levels are welcome in class.

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Room B : Class 3 @ 11 am:
Iyengar Yoga with Rhonda

Iyengar Yoga, named after and developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, is a form of Hatha Yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). The development of strength, mobility and stability is gained through the asanas.

What distinguishes Iyengar yoga from other Yoga styles is the very high degree of attention paid to alignment. This helps prevent injury and overuse, and makes the practice therapeutic in nature.

This class is led by the experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher, Rhonda, who will ensure that the practice is safe and suitable for all levels.

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Room B : Class 4 @ 12 pm:
Yoga Nidra with Claire

Yoga nidra (Sanskrit: योग निद्रा) or yogic sleep) is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.

As you lay on your mat, you start with sensing the body and breathing in specific ways in order to trigger the relaxation response. The relaxation response balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and balances the left and right brain. In the process, your brain shifts from beta, an awakened state with lots of brain activity, to alpha, a more relaxed state. In alpha, the mood-regulating hormone serotonin gets released, and this calms you down.

Taught by a brilliant Cork-based Yoga teacher, Claire, this class will begin with some some pranayama and gentle postures and movement — suited for all levels.

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Room B : Class 5 @ 1pm:
Root & Release with Chakra Meditation. Class with Fabiola

Enjoy a class for mix levels focusing in the body alignment, biomechanics of stretching and maximising your flexibility with proper support for your joints.

The class includes a series of poses and movements, to help align the body, understanding the biomechanics and combining this with concentration exercises. Bringing us towards a deeper mind and body connection. Awareness of the spine movement will help us to release the muscle and nervous tensions. Inviting us to experiment stages of relaxation and meditation.

The class with also involve chakra meditation creating a relation from our the endocrine system to our emotions. Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means vortex or wheel that can be traced back to India. Chakras are the human body’s seven main energy centers with each one corresponding to individual glands that govern our specific body parts plus various areas of the psyche. They are located next to a hormonal gland along the human spinal column.

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Room B : Class 6 @ 2 pm:
Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and Meditation with Essie

Prana means life force/vital or breath sustaining the body; Ayama translates as “to extend or draw out.” Together two mean breath extension or control. The aim of Pranayama is expand the vital force that makes us alive.

Daily stress, tensions and physical habits can create physical and energetic obstacles in our bodies. Without even noticing it our breathing can become gradually more shallow or stilted, we develop unconscious breathing patterns restricting the flow of breath and prana.

In this class, the Yogi and founder of Kilkenny School of Yoga, Essie, will teach you the traditional breathing techniques. You will be working on letting the life energy flow through the body. In the latter part of the class, you will be guided into a deep meditation aimed at inculcating mental stillness.

This class is suitable for beginners as the experienced teacher will take all the precautions for your safety.

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Room B : Class 7 @ 3 pm:
Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation with Siobhan

Mindfulness, a concept derived from Buddhist meditation, means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. When you’re mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.

This class will offer you techniques to deal with the difficulties of everyday life in a more helpful way, as well as a set of practical stress-management tools. Through mindfulness you will moreover learn how to efficiently handle day-to-day stress, deal with pressing thoughts and worries, and appreciate and enjoy life.

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Room B : Class 8 @ 4 pm:
Meditative Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is one of the most relaxing and static style of Yoga that allows you to make a deep connection with your body and release hidden tension. A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held, accessing deeper layers of fascia.

If you struggle with too many racing thoughts and crave for calm, Yin Yoga is perfect for you. Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect. In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang.Led by Scarlet, an experienced Yoga teacher, this class will make you forget all of your tensions.

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Room B : Class 9 @ 5 pm:
Room B; Class 9 @ 5PM: Relaxing Meditation with Sound Bath

Attend this class to finish the day with a relaxing meditation that will put you to a  zen-like state 🙂

A simple meditation done in the company of divine sound vibrations emitted by Tibetan singing bowl – doesn’t that sound lovely! The class will focus on release of stress from all parts of your mind, body and soul. Anybody can attend this class – no Yoga experience needed.

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Room A : @ 6 pm:
Bollywood  Dancing

The dance fever take over Cork Yoga and Vegan Festival from 6.00pm (after the Gong Bath class). Finish off with some Bollywood moves led by Projita and Gaurav. You don’t have to be a dancer to participate. We assure you that you will have a lot of fun

Room C

  • Time :: 10.20-11.00
  • Class :: Mindful Eating
  • Teacher :: Imelda
  • Time :: 11.20-11.50
  • Class :: Children’s Yoga
  • Teacher :: Imelda

  • Time :: 12.00-12.50
  • Class :: Healthy Weight Management on a Plant-based Diet: How to lose weight, not your mind
  • Teacher :: Lenka
  • Time :: 13.00-13.50
  • Class :: Ahimsa in Yoga Workshop
  • Teacher :: Siobhan
  • Time :: 14.00-14.40
  • Class :: Kids Joga Yoga
  • Teacher :: Jo

  • Time :: 14.50-15.30
  • Class :: Peas v/s Pills: The Role of Diet in Managing Depression
  • Teacher :: Reg

  • Time :: 15.40-16.50

  • Class :: Vegan Workshop: The Circle of Life
  • Teacher :: Jason

  • Time :: 17.00-17.40
  • Class :: Qi Gong: Healing Organs Workshop

  • Teacher :: Rainer

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