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Coventry Yoga and Vegan Festival

Date: Sunday, 23rd June 2019
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Centre AT7 12 Bell Green Rd, Coventry CV6 7GP

Our Stalls

Join us at Coventry’s first Yogfic Yoga and Vegan festival at Centre AT7 12 Bell Green Rd, Coventry CV6 7GP. Participate in all-day Yoga & meditation sessions, enjoy yummy vegan and raw vegan food, shop for vegan products and attend talks.

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Featured Stalls


Treat yourself to the best vegan chocolates ever made from raw cocoa and coconut nectar, visit Cococaravan’s stall at the festival. The vegan founders of Cococaravan say, “Our passion for the environment, real and raw foods and our deep belief of fair treatment of humans and the more-than-human world are at the base of our chocolate.

Today’s chocolate has become so far removed from the real thing that we wanted to make something the way it is meant to be: Raw and Pure.

We believe in a fairer, cleaner and healthier world. Organic farming practices are inline with these ideals. All our Cacao and Coconut Blossom Nectar is certified organic.”

Contact : Website

Chakra Project

We are very happy to welcome the wonderful team of Chakra Project at our festival. Their Chakra-based products are handmade in India with a lot of love and consciuos thought. Chakra Project initiative is a community based project in north India, working for the social and economic empowerment of the girls in Kashmir.

Chakra Project was developed from Amina’s love of colour and traditional hand stitching into her spiritual journey, a vision to create and teach beautiful textile art, inspired by the seven Chakras and based on the therapeutic value and healing power of colour, which has allowed many women of Kashmir – in the foothills of the Himalayas, to heal their past and overcome some tough life experiences and take on new challenges, whilst learning new skills.

Amina (mother founder of the Chakra Project and The School of Healing Arts) teaches every year a small group of girls in the new skills of vibrant textile art, hand stitching, cutting and designing where they make colourful and meaningful textile Chakra design art, Yoga mat bags and Greeting Cards.

Please be sure to buy some of their beautiful products to support the initiative. When you buy something from them, you are in a way helping women in need.

Contact : website

Other Stalls

Name of the stall: Tropic with Shabari
What do they offer: Skincare, body care, toiletries, bath products, sun care, tanning products, haircare, cosmetics
Name of the stall: Silver Bamboo
What do they offer: A range of ethically sourced eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan products such a refillable beauty brand ZAO, reusable sanitary products, oral care, reusable cups , reusable straws etc.
Name of the stall: doTERRA
What do they offer: Essential Oils
Name of the stall: ZINGWalsall
What do they offer: We sell handmade jewellery, handmade lavender, chamomile, and rose eye pillows, Himalayan salt candles holders, incense burners and incense sticks, oil burners and yoga socks.
Name of the stall: Heck! Food Ltd
What do they offer: We will be selling our exciting new range of vegan sausages and burgers!
Name of the stall: SOOKS Ltd
What do they offer: Tasty sweet treats made with organic ingredients and free from: Refined Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten, Dairy, Additives, Preservatives, Soy & Palm Oil. All beautifully presented in recyclable packaging
Name of the stall: Moksha Senses
What do they offer: Handmade, Vegan, Organic, Aromatherapy Skincare and candles
Name of the stall: Heavenly Free From
What do they offer:Heavenly Free From specialises in food free from Gluten, Wheat, Oats, Dairy, Egg and Soy. We bring a varied range of goodies, from bakes and sweet treats to savoury and meat / cheese alternatives.
What do they offer: Italian vegan patisserie and bakery
Name of the stall: Jade Lotus
What do they offer: Jade Lotus will be selling her handmade sterling silver jewellery, essential oil necklaces and crystal bracelets, crystal water bottles and vegan handmade soap.
Name of the stall: Ethical Jewellery & Crafts
What do they offer: 925 Silver & semi precious stones jewellery and accessories
Name of the stall: Dru Yoga
What do they offer: Dru Yoga teacher training courses, weekend retreats and workshops, Dru Yoga books and Dvds, Bowen Technique, Shiatsu, Ayurveda massage
Name of the stall: The FreeFrom Gluten Company
What do they offer: Vegan gluten free pies pastries
Name of the stall: Arbonne
What do they offer: Botanically based beauty, health and wellness products
Name of the stall: Pilli's henna stall
What do they offer: Pilli's henna/Hindu/plant based.
Name of the stall: Happy Scents
What do they offer: Vegan friendly scented candles
Name of the stall: Butterwickcakes
What do they offer: Vegan Macarons and Hummus
Name of the stall: Pilli's henna stall
What do they offer: Pilli's henna/Hindu/plant based.
Name of the stall: Dhyan Foundation
What do they offer: Talking about yoga, will have some books to sell. Also will be promoting animal welfare initiatives.
Name of the stall: NFJ
What do they offer: NFJ Juices are natural juices made with real ingredients. We have 6 unique flavours all made with alkaline water, they are free from preservatives and artificial flavours.
Name of the stall: PAMPER FOR YOU LTD
What do they offer: 10m pampering massage
Name of the stall: Katy Buxton Forever Living
What do they offer: Aloe vera based vegan health and beauty products
Name of the stall: Sheila's Vegan Kitchen
What do they offer: Pizzas, wraps and dosas
Name of the stall: HUNS Vegan Food
What do they offer: Burgers
Name of the stall: Indian Home Kitchen Vegan
What do they offer: Hot Indian food
Name of the stall: Totally Vegan
What do they offer: Classic cakes, Cookies, 2 varieties of sausage rolls, Pasta Salad, Falafel cous cous coleslaw and mixed salads
Name of the stall: Journey Within - Yoga & Life Coaching Retreats
What do they offer: Find out about our coaching and yoga retreat in Spain, September 2019. A week of yoga and personal development to leave you uplifted, energised and thriving!
Name of the stall: Open Heart Chocolate
What do they offer: Handcrafted Vegan Chocolate, free fromSoya & Refined Sugar
Name of the stall: Sakshi Bhav
What do they offer: Coconut bowls, bamboo straws, himalayan salt tea light holders, yoga mat bag holders, incense
Name of the stall: WEDOYOGA
What do they offer: Yoga Clothing
Name of the stall: ENRICHD SUPERFOODS
What do they offer: Protein Shakes, Superfoods, medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, lions mane.
Name of the stall: A touch of heaven beauty
What do they offer: Chair massages
Name of the stall: Yoga Masti
What do they offer: Yoga clothing, accessories and mats
Name of the stall: Cococaravan
What do they offer: Vegan chocolates
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