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Yoga and Vegan Festival

Date: June 9th | Sunday
Time: 9am-5.30pm
Venue: Trinity College Dublin Sport, 43 Pearse Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2

Our Stalls

Join Dublin’s second annual Yoga and Vegan Festival in the heart of city at Trinity College Dublin. You can participate in Yoga and meditation sessions, treat your taste buds to some delicious plant-based foods, try henna body art, enjoy relaxing massages, attend talks on subjects of health and wellbeing (including mental health) and do lots more. There will also be free Yoga classes for children to make this a perfect family day out. Please see below to know the format of the festival.

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Featured Stalls

Dudes Food

Get ready to taste the most yummy vegan mayonnaise and a range of other vegan dips – a must-buy for all vegans. The awar-winning Dudes Foods is coming to Cork Yoga and Vegan Fest to treat your tastebuds to delicious mayo. Make sure you stock up! Their stall was extremely popular at our Dublin festival. The founder, Graham, is one of the loveliest people we’ve ever met. 🙂

Here’s what they say:

We are a new innovative business in Kerry producing Artisan Vegan & Gluten Free foods. We make all our products in-house from a purpose-built Vegan, Gluten Free and Peanut Free kitchen in the hills above Brosna, Co. Kerry.

We are forward thinking and even though new to the market intend to make our presence felt. We aim to avoid all plastic packaging in our products and will be using glass jars and bottles extensively.

Our product range includes Egg-Free Mayonnaise, Garlic Egg-Free Mayonnaise which won GOLD at the Free From Awards Ireland 2018, Chipolte Egg-Free Mayonnaise, Bee Free Honeii and Fishy Free Brosnashire Sauce. More items will be added to our range very soon but please most of all contact us with your requests.

Contact : Website


Come and visit RINGANA’s stall at the festival to EXPERIENCE really lovely cruelty free cosmetics.

RINGANA is unique with their 100% philosophy:

100% Freshness
100% Active ingredients
100% Consistent
100% Ethical

RINGANA pursues a clear and consistent line: Pure ingredients. Real effects. And absolute FRESHNESS. This enables them to apply highly potent and antioxidant substances – letting their products speak for themselves. Their philosophy not only impacts their products, but also their entire activities – from purchasing raw materials to their ethical and fair Fresh Partner distribution system.

All RINGANA cosmetics, skin care products and supplements are freshly produced. This means that the products you’ve ordered have never been made earlier than 14 days before you placed your order. Only this way it can be assured that all ingredients remain active and can be naturally absorbed by our body. For that reason, all products also have an expiration date because it is proof of absolute freshness.

All RINGANA skin care products are filled with active natural ingredients only. Each ingredient has a supporting effect in our body and is a synergy of only active substances. When you check the label of any RINGANA product, you will see that each ingredient is high quality and that they reinforce each other. A conventional product, including the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics, has a percentage of active ingredients between 2-4%. This means that the rest of the product is filled in by fragrance (perfume), preservatives, fillers, foaming agents, stabilising agents, flavouring agents etc.

Consistency is the power of RINGANA! RINGANA is greener than green. In order to avoid breakages, the glass cosmetic bottles are wrapped in organic cotton towels instead of the conventional outer carton. They are also part of a recycling campaign: customers who return ten glass bottles receive one product free of charge. The package fill material is made of biodegradable corn starch. We deliberately avoid elaborate printing on our shipping cartons, shipping boxes are printed with vegetable ink and the adhesive on the packing tape is made from natural rubber as well. The RINGANA PACKS sachets are aluminium free and they are currently working on a compostable sachet.

All RINGANA products are completely in balance with the ethics and every step in the process is 100% ethical: Purchasing of raw materials, Vegan, No animal testing, Eco-conscious packaging, Environmentally friendly, Fair working conditions, fair pay, fair trade.

Visit the Website

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Bliss Bites Bakery

Bliss Bites specializes in deliciously innovative desserts designed to nourish the body. We create cakes that reinvent the way you think about dessert, turning it from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat. All of our cakes are free from gluten, dairy, egg, and refined sugar – providing you with all the taste but without the guilt!

You can buy some yummy raw vegan and #glutenfree sweet treats from Bliss Bites Bakery‘s stall at Cork Yoga and Vegan Festival. They are based in Galway and Dublin, and coming to our fest to share their awesome guilt-free goodies with you. Run by a veganprenuer, Andrina Farago, Bliss Bites is a popular start-up in the Irish festival circuit. They use the best ingredients in their purest, raw state and no white sugar. The variety that they offer is so gorgeous that you will be amazed how do they do it with just nuts and fruits

You can also message them on their FB page if you have any special requests for customised raw cakes.

Contact : Website

Hope Creations

Visit this stall to get some exquisite and handmade soy wax candles and other beautiful products. Each product is designed by the founder-artist, Luminita. She says, “I create vegan decorative, scented candles and wax objects such as vessels, vases, wall hangings, wax melts and table centrepieces. I offer customized products for weddings, venues or souls that love something different. For packaging recycled paper, flax cord and hay are used”
Please do spend some time at this stall to not only buy but also admire the gorgeous pieces of art created by Luminita. You can also browse through the products online at her Etsy shop. See the links below


Vegicity is passionate about conscious living & wants to see a world where it is widely accessible and available. This card is designed to support you and our planet on that journey.

By buying a Vegicity Rewards Card you are supporting change, positive change!

Every time you use this card you are voting, voting for a healthier you, voting for a healthier planet and voting to support and protect the animals that live here alongside us.

People often think they can’t make a difference and feel disempowered. Vegicity knows we all make a difference, however big or small we collectively come together to create big waves of change.

The card is 20 euro for the year and gives you multiple discounts at participating businesses from 5% to 15% and rewards like buy 1 get 1 free.
Discounts and rewards on yoga, plant-based eating, health & wellbeing, zero waste, ethical clothing and more!

The card is biodegradable because earth matters!

Contact : Website

Niks Tea

This stall is a must-visit because you have to try the most delightful leaf tea & infusions and Kombucha that they offer. Another awesome thing is that everything is sustainably packed and source. Read more below!

Founded in 2012 Niks Tea set about creating a beautiful selection of tea’s using only the best leaves, on trend & popular ingredients from around the world. Our Gold, Silver & Bronze Blas na hEireann awards have endorsed our attention to flavour & quality we lovingly create teas for all tastes & lifestyles which elevated loose tea drinking to new heights of popularity interest & discussion. Trends for Caffeine Free, No added sugar, and health interests in detox, sleep & energizing are all catered for. Maximum wellness benefits, Superior ingredients & fabulous flavours.

We have developed a great relationship with our stockists now in excess of 200 and our Niks Tea fans through events and tastings. It’s really important for us that we don’t lose touch with where we started – listening to our valued customers- incorporating tastes & trends to ensure your enthusiasm for quality teas is quenched.

Contact : Website

Chocolatey Clare

We can bet you any money that you haven’t tasted such yummy vegan chocolates before! We are so excited to welcome Ireland’s much-loved chocolate brand, Chocolatey Clare. Please do visit her stall and get ready to enter the vegan chocolate heaven 🙂

Chocolatey Clare is an innovative venture creating luxury dairy-free milk chocolate. It is handcrafted in Ireland in small batches using premium organic and ethically-sourced ingredients with imaginative flavourings, making it truly delicious and unique. Being gluten-free and vegan, our chocolate is enjoyed by chocolate lovers everywhere. The bars are hand-wrapped in fully compostable packaging printed with vegetable-based ink. Sweet treats for everyone, all of the taste and none of the waste!

Contact : Website

Blazing Salads

Visit the team of Dublin’s popular vegan wholefood deli, Blazing Salads. They are located on Drury Street and we are very pleased to have them at the festival. They will offer a range of yummy vegan food!

In 1972 our father Joe Fitzmaurice came across a book called Prescription for Energy by Percy Cerutti, This led onto further reading of books by Georges Ohsawa, who first used the word macrobiotics as we know it today and who introduced it to Europe and America in 1953. Ohsawa emphasised the importance of eating brown rice. Our parents had never heard of brown rice. Where could you buy it? How did you cook it? Our mother Pauline was very inventive. Forty years ago unlike today there weren’t many products available for a wholefood diet. Yet there always seemed to be a constant supply of snacks and sweet things at home.

In 1978 our parents opened an East West Centre in Dublin called the Golden Dawn. There was a shop, restaurant, and an area that people could rent to give tai-chi classes, yoga, shiatsu massage etc. Cookery Classes were also given. Speakers such as Michio Kushi and his wife Aveline were brought to Dublin to talk about macrobiotics. Some people who were customers then are still our customers now in our Deli. We were brought in on Saturdays to make gamasio, pick parsley and othersmall jobs. The older we got, the bigger the job. This is how our passion for the food business grew.
In 1982 Lorraine with our parents opened Blazing Salads Restaurant . It was a wholefood vegetarian restaurant. The best quality ingredients were used in their whole form. It is here that she learned how to run a very busy professional kitchen. Recipes came for experimentation and wide reading of cookbooks and food magazines. Some were passed on by word of mouth, as gifts and from our mother. In 1982 Blazing Salads 2 opened and after a stint in the USA Pamela returned and in 1997 came to work with Lorraine. Always being innovative and looking for new ideas and recipes together with our brother Joe we decided to open a deli The Blazing Salads Wholefood Food Company was born!!

We are passionate about great food being delivered with the nutrition still intact. Cook well, eat well, and enjoy x

Contact : Website


Indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest-ranking environmental health problems, with chemical levels up to 70 times higher than outside. Much of this exposure comes from the things we use in everyday life, such as common cleaning products. The good news is that you can help reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in your home by using Norwex products. Norwex household cleaning products use enzymes for their incredible cleaning power, instead of harsh chemicals like chlorine, ammonia and phosphates.

Visit their stall at the festival to find out more about household and personal care products that produced ecologically. They say, “At Norwex, we believe that working together, with trust, integrity and respect as our core values and radically reducing chemicals in our homes as our mission, we can improve the world around us.”

Contact : Website


Wow! Ireland’s first vegan and eco deodrant brand is here! We are so excited to welcome the team of Indeora to our festival.

Indeora is Ireland’s first healthy magnesium deodorant. Scented with natural coconut oils it’s the healthy deodorant your body will love. You can spray it quickly & easily without inhaling any toxic fumes. It works effectively & safely to neutralise odour for up to 24 hours. Formulated by an Irish doctor right here in Ireland, it’s a first of it’s kind in Ireland. It’s free from all forms of aluminium, silicone’s, sulfates, propellants and synthetic fragrances. Each bottle has 400 sprays and cast last up to 3 months. The bottle is fully recyclable.

Contact : Website

Kangen Water

Visit this stall to find out the best solution to the clean drinking water problem. Here, you will be able to see the entire demonstration too!

Kangen Water® (aka electrolyzed reduced water (ERW), or hydrogen water) begins as tap water. The Enagic® machine filters out chlorine and other impurities from the tap water, then separates the hydrogen and oxygen with a process known as electrolysis. This process adds an electron to the hydrogen creating a new molecule called diatomic molecular hydrogen gas. When this is added to your drinking water, it produces antioxidant-rich Kangen Water®

Contact : Website

Other Stalls

Name of the stall: Vegicity
What do they offer: Conscious living reward card. Available on the day.
Name of the stall: Chocolatey Clare
What do they offer: Handmade chocolate with organic and ethically sourced ingredients, zero-waste packaging
Name of the stall: Dudes Foods
What do they offer: Award winning Artisan Vegan products
Name of the stall: Atlantean Na Mara
What do they offer: Irish, organic, sustainable, vegan cosmetics range from the wild Atlantic.
Name of the stall: the essential yogi - doTERRA advocate
What do they offer: doTERRA essential oils & other natural products.
Name of the stall: Young living essential oils
What do they offer: Young living essential oils and essential oil infused products
Name of the stall: Norwex
What do they offer: Norwex - say "NO" to harmful chemicals and plastic! The way to be Eco friendly 🙂
Name of the stall: Oracle of Freedom
What do they offer: Intuitive Tarot readings, and wildcrafted items infused with Reiki and crystal energy.
Name of the stall: Niks Organic Pantry
What do they offer: Flavorsome leaf teas & herbal infusions. Cool brewing gadgets.Organic Vegan Foods
Name of the stall: fiid
What do they offer: Real Food. Real Fast.
Name of the stall: RINGANA - Freshness Partner, Alexandra Goller
What do they offer: RINGANA - 100% fresh cosmetics and superfoods
Name of the stall: Hope Creations
What do they offer: Handmade scented and decorative candles.Pillar,soy,wax melts,wax vases and vessels
Name of the stall: Blazing Salad Wholefood Co.
What do they offer: Wholefood Vegan / Vegetarian Deli
Name of the stall: Prime Vegan Limited
What do they offer: Beo Living Foods
Name of the stall: Om Nibbles
What do they offer: Tasty natural treats lovingly made&packed locally in earth friendly compostable packaging
Name of the stall: Vintage Flair
What do they offer: Coffee, nitro matcha, handcrafted teas and vegan giant doughnuts
Name of the stall: Mauro’s Italian Street Food
What do they offer: Lasagna, asparagus Risotto , Vegetables, Bruschetta, Garlic Bread
Name of the stall: Indeora
What do they offer: Healthy Magnesium Deodorant
Name of the stall: Healthy Water Choice
What do they offer: Leading an Alkaline Lifestyle
Name of the stall: Blissbites Bakery
What do they offer: Raw vegan cakes
Name of the stall: Roar Face painting and body art
What do they offer: Face painting and balloon twisting
Name of the stall: Buttercream Dream
What do they offer: Cakes and desserts
Name of the stall: Rashmi's Henna Stall
What do they offer: Henna
Name of the stall: Samadhi Yoga Studio
What do they offer: Info about classes, retreats and courses
Name of the stall: Ravi Yoga
What do they offer: Info about classes, retreats and courses
Name of the stall: Hot Yoga Dundrum
What do they offer: Info about classes, retreats and courses
Name of the stall: Will - Yoga Disco
What do they offer: Info about classes, retreats and courses
Name of the stall: Barefoot Yoga Studio
What do they offer: Info about classes, retreats and courses
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