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Eindhoven Yoga and Vegan Festival

Date: Sunday, 12th May 2019
Time: 10:00-19:00
Venue: Klokgebouw, 5617 Eindhoven, Nederland

Our Stalls

Join us at Eindhoven’s first Yogfiic Yoga and Vegan festival at the Klokgebouw, 5617 Eindhoven, Nederland. Participate in all-day Yoga & meditation sessions, enjoy yummy vegan and raw vegan food, shop for vegan products and attend talks.

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Featured Stalls

Top Chiropractie

This chiropractic clinic really stands true to its name – it is one of the best clinics in Eindhoven that has customised programmes to relieve all kinds of ailments. Please visit their stall at the festival to talk to their knowledgable team about your pain-related issue. They will also offer a posture check at their stall. We highly recommend them.

More about them:
Onze Chiropractoren zijn opgeleid in binnen- en buitenland. Door de combinatie van eeuwenoude technieken en moderne wetenschap vinden wij altijd de beste aanpak voor uw klachten.

  1. Rustgevende locaties
  2. Jarenlange ervaring
  3. Aandacht voor de cliënt, niet de klacht

Op basis van uw persoonlijke scan en onderzoek resultaten zullen wij een zorgplan voor u maken. Dit zorgplan kan bestaan uit verschillende fases, een intensieve fase, een stabilisatie fase & een onderhoud fase.

In de eerste en tweede fase werken wij alleen met pakketten waarbij u nóg goedkoper uit bent.
Welk pakket voor u het meest geschikt is, zullen we tijdens de intake bekijken.

Contact : Website

Ayurvedisch centrum Eindhoven ‘Bela’

This has been the most popular stall at our festivals in Nijmegen and Brussels. This lovely Ayurvedic centre situated in Eindhoven offers massages, Yoga and meditation classes, Ayurvedic courses and lots of different products related to Ayurveda. The founder, Jasmijn, is a wonderful person with vast knowledge about Ayurveda. Please visit this stall to buy amazing products and chat with Jasmijn.

About Jasmijn: My name is Jasmijn van de Loo, founder of ‘Bela’, Ayurvedic center Eindhoven. I have founded this center because I think it is important and fun to enable people to learn about Ayurveda. Within Ayurveda there are several disciplines for which I translate my personal knowledge and experiences on herbs, massages, Sirodhara and detox to the Ayurvedic concept.

My (spiritual) teacher Kush Narada takes care of the Vedic astrology consultations and the meditation-classes and also serves as my supervisor. Furthermore I offer workshops and occasionally counsel interns that, for example, attend a massage course.

I came into contact with Ayurveda through my education in “Vedic studies’ that I attended at the ‘Dutch University College’, where Narada Kush was my teacher.

My final thesis treated the Ayurvedic principle applied to our indigenous herbs. This is where my passion is…applying the Ayurvedic principle to aspects of our culture, to make it more accessible and applicable for everyone.

Contact : Website

Happy Beets

Founded by a lovely vegan mompreneur, Marta, Happy Beets is a vegan food blog and catering service based in Eindhoven. They offer plant-based nutrition workshops for all age groups and backgrounds as well. Please visit this stall to taste Marta’s delicious healthy goodies and talk to her about health-related issues. We can bet that you will love talking to her.

About Marta: My mission is to provide healthy and full of flavour vegan food, party snacks, mains, desserts and birthday cakes. I focus as much as possible on organic, seasonal and local produce. I chose to bake cakes that are refined sugar-free, gluten free and of course vegan so egg free and dairy free. Desserts are my biggest passion, I love to make vegan cakes and treats, that are not only healthy but also very tasty and delicious and can surprise anyone that they are also completely plant-based.

Contact : Website

Other Stalls

Name of the stall: FLXBL yoga
What do they offer: The ultimate NON-SLIP lightweight Yoga Mat or Toplayer for extra comfort.
Name of the stall: Healthy Hippie Natural Jewels
What do they offer: Healing & natural jewelry for your wellbeing. Handmade, with love and good vibrations.
Name of the stall: Tea stories
What do they offer: Fine quality loose leaf tea and delicious cakes
Name of the stall: Ayurvedisch centrum Eindhoven 'Bela'
What do they offer: Ayurvedic and yogic lifestyle and selfcare items
Name of the stall: Inspiring healthy living around the world by Christel
What do they offer: Inspiring healthy living around the world by Christel
Name of the stall: Chokbites
What do they offer: Vegan and raw vegan desserts, snacks and drinks
Name of the stall: Yoga Hathi
What do they offer: yoga and meditation accessories
Name of the stall: Prashanti Retreats Ibiza
What do they offer: Yoga Retreats op een prachtige locatie met vers bereide vegan maaltijden
Name of the stall: Turkish Delightful
What do they offer: We will serve our customers vegan version of Turkish cusine. Sis Kebap, lahmacun and more.
Name of the stall: Mimi Bella Art
What do they offer: Freehand Mandala Wallpaintings & customized Art prints on Unique products
Name of the stall: Top Chiropractie
What do they offer: Top Chiropractie, de weg naar de beste gezondheid! Kom voor uw kosteloze houdingsanalyse.
Name of the stall: Vegan Caes
What do they offer: ik maak veganistische caes, rijstcaes+ cashewroomcaes+nozza+allerlei smaken!
Name of the stall: Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven
What do they offer: We promote Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven Eye Contact Experiment with live music by Tankdrum
Name of the stall: Tankdrum music by Nico
What do they offer: we promote Tankdrum instruments by performing with Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven
Name of the stall: Isha Foundation
What do they offer: Isha Foundation is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization founded by Sadhguru.
Name of the stall: Passionfruit: Nature's love
What do they offer: Hand made shawls using natural dyes extracted from plants and vegetables + Henna art
Name of the stall: Happy Beets
What do they offer: Happy Beets -100% plant based catering, healthy sweets and vegan cooking workshops!
Name of the stall: Heart Yoga
What do they offer: The Heart Yoga Knee Pad is a unique product that is designed to provide yoga practitioners with extra support in order to prevent injury or pain while doing yoga (and other workouts). The product is 100% made in Taiwan and contains environmental materials only.
Name of the stall: Natuurlijk Mooi
What do they offer: Biologische en vegan producten voor je huid. Demonstraties in anti-aging massages.
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