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Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Meet our lovely team of yoga & meditation teachers, speakers, and coaches. Please remember to check out their social media pages and website to know about their regular classes and courses.

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Lily Pacheko

Lily is an unusual mexican psychologist who grew up in an Aztec Temple in Mexico City, and loves sound therapy with gongs, handspans, tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, crystals, and past life regressions with NLP to support the healing journey of all of us with wounded hearts.

Sharing the innocent desire of “HELP” that naturally resides within that magical space between our current physical body and our soul, is a powerful lesson from the ancient Aztec tribe, among other amazing ancient cultures that taught us to seek for spiritual richness to evolve and keep learning, as the spirit never stops learning.

For many pure spirits, this life time is about “HELP” and not about money. If you feel the call, welcome to the humble tribe where you might discover your rich soul, pure and profound. And don’t you worry, you aren’t crazy, it is not casualty that you are drawn to this magic cosmic wave, where we are all surfing together trusting the universe to evolve and return to the stars in LOVE & KIND & FORGIVENESS…. splashing unconditional love from the 5th dimension….

Sandra Tiidt

I am a qualified yoga teacher, but, most importantly, I am a keen, eager to learn, excited and dedicated practitioner.
I started when I was about six or seven years old, as my Mum at some point was quite into the physical benefits of yoga. Then I stopped for a good couple of decades and started again just like that: I was lying in bed, feeling miserable for some reason or, most likely even without one, when I jumped up, flew out of bed, unrolled my partner’s exercise mat, put into YouTube “Yoga for beginners” and fell madly in love. It was love from first time and I’ve been practicing six, sometimes seven days a week ever since.

Many months, many Yoga studios and Yoga festivals later, I was blessed to study from such amazing teachers as Zubin Zarthoshimanesh (direct disciple of B.K.S Iyengar), Kamal Singh (Ashtanga Yoga) and Tao Porchon Lynch. From these wonderful teachers I’ve learnt that Yoga can be very different, as it not only reflects life, but it IS life. Therefore my approach to teaching Yoga is such – it is taking time, breathing, acknowledging and honouring the body, the mind and the soul for what they are, without willing to change, interfere or harm oneself. Slowly washing, peeling away the layers of false identities that the society and we, ourselves, have imposed upon ourselves to find out who we really are and being truthful to it.

It is waking up each morning feeling a sense of contentment and knowing that life goes on inside and outside of me. It is with each breath rediscovering the connection we have with the planet and the Universe. It is knowing, that you are taken care of because you are a part of the Creation. It is being aware of your actions and the consequences that they have. It is simply being.

I have been teaching Yoga at the Refugee and Migrant Network and in Sutton College since March 2018. I have also assisted in classes at Yoga London, where I obtained my 200 hrs certificate. Apart from that, I have been teaching one-to-one and run workshops on Vinyasa and Power Yoga in Tallinn, Estonia.

To sum this up, I would like to quote Sri Swami Satchidananda: “Yoga is not a philosophy to be followed with blind faith. In the beginning, it is true that confidence and trust are needed, but as you continue to practise, every step will bring more and more hope, greater and greater confidence.


Tara is a passionate Dutch Ashtangi. She feels a deep connection with her Indian roots. Being brought up with many yoga and Ayurvedic traditions like mantra chanting, pooja’s, yoga philosophy, massages and kriya’s, she started her asana practice relatively late in life at age 40.

When her life as an entrepreneur in the educational field led her through several burn-outs, she was determined to change her lifestyle and follow her yoga passion. She left her husband and teenage son for 3 months to study yoga and asana adjustment techniques with Yogi Kamal Singh in Rishikesh India.

Tara’s teaching style is characterised by her ability to gently push you to the next level, both physically and mentally. She strongly believes in the mantra ‘practice what you preach’ and therefore practices daily Mysore style Ashtanga with international KPJAYI authorised Ashtanga teachers.

Randjana Adjodha

Randjana went to her first yoga class in 2005 in Suriname, when she was visiting her family there. Her parents are originally from Suriname. She continued her yoga classes in Holland. In 2016 she did a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. From that moment her own yoga school was founded. She called her yoga school Sanjivani Yoga. She saw this name when she was reading the Ramayana. But Sanjivani also means immortal.

Randjana used to work in the business world and now she wants to connect to the inner world. She didn’t do that when she still was working in the business world. Now it’s time for her own yoga path. Yoga is a mirror for Randjana. It’s about feeling and be where you are. We all have a consciousness. When you listen to your consciousness, you always have a choice.

As a yoga teacher, Randjana wants to give tools to people to get more connected to their consciousness. Randjana learned Vedic Astrology (jyotisha) from her spiritual teacher Narada Kush. So people can get a Vedic Astrology consultation with her. She is also studying Sanskrit at Advaita Vedanta.

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Audra Pinas

In 2011 I started to practice different yogastyles. But I was looking for a more dynamic yogastyle.

In 2013 I attended my first Kundalini and meditation class in Rotterdam. What I experienced that day in class was amazing. I felt energetic and happy in a couple of minutes. So I wanted to know more about this yoga style. Two years later I visited Spain and Kundalini transformed my life also in a positive way. It helped me to breakthrough not helpful thoughts and habits. It sheds light on my self imposed limitations and invited me to think out of the box and developed my intuitive mind. Also long term goals became reality in a short period of time.

I now live a healthier, happier life and developed a calm and positive state of mind. Kundalini Yoga transformed my life on a physical and mental level.
I still experience the positive results in my life.

I say to my students ‘when you practice Kundalini it will uplift you and you only want to move forward in life’.

I feel blessed to share this effective, simple and powerful yoga style with you. When you practice Kundalini Yoga on a daily base it will transform your life in a positive way.

It’s time to share my experience with you to develop a healthy body and happy mind so you can fulfill your dreams and goals to live the life of your desire.

Sat Nam

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Doris Lilienweiss

Doris is een yogini by heart and soul. In 2000 is zij voor het eerst met yoga in aanraking gekomen. Haar passie voor yoga inspireert je om tijdens haar lessen het beste uit jezelf te halen.

Zij heeft een diep begrip voor yoga in de stijlen Anusara, Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin en meditatie. Doris deelt graag alle aspecten van het yoga en leidt yogadocenten in het binnen- en buitenland op. Naast haar reguliere lessen geeft zij ook privelessen, business yoga, incentives en retreats. Doris is een E-RYT registreerde yogadocent.

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Goran Kavic

Wegen Rückenbeschwerden begann ich im Jahr 1999 mit Hilfe eines Buches Hatha Yoga in der Sivananda Tradition zu praktizieren. Kurz darauf studierte ich Physiotherapie in Nijmegen, den Niederlanden. Schnell merkte ich, dass die Leidenschaft mehr über Yoga zu lernen größer war, sodass eine erste zweijährige Ausbildung zum anerkannten Hatha Yogalehrer (BYV/Yoga Alliance) im Jahr 2002 in Essen bei Yoga-Vidya folgte.

In der Zeit begann ich auch zu unterrichten, zunächst in kleinen Kreisen, dann auch regelmäßig bis heute an verschiedenen Institutionen in Kleve und Nijmegen. Die Neugier und Faszination der heilenden Kraft des Yoga führte mich schließlich 2008 zum Ashtanga Yoga nach Indien. Dort absolvierte ich eine dreimonatige Intensivausbildung unter BNS Iyengar an der Parakala Mutt University Mysore, wo einst der legendäre T. Krishnamacharya lehrte. Er ist der Guru von Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois und einigen anderen namhaften Yogameistern dieser Welt.

Dann zufällig, im Jahr 2010 begegnete ich Mr. Iyengar in Rishikesh, Indien! Es war wie eine kleine Offenbarung diese Art Yoga zu praktizieren, so klar und direkt auf den Punkt. Dreimal insgesamt habe ich daraufhin das Iyengar Ramamani Institut in Pune besucht. Eine fundierte dreijährige Ausbildung zum international zertifizierten Iyengar Yogalehrer (I.V.N/I.V.D) habe ich schließlich im Jahr 2014 in Amsterdam abgeschlossen.

Dort bilde ich mich noch regelmäßig bei Wochenendseminaren mit ‘Senior’ Lehrern weiter. Die Voraussetzung für diese Ausbildung sind drei Jahre Yogapraxis, somit wird ein hoher Qualitätsstandard gewährleistet. Seit 2007 reise ich jedes Jahr nach Indien, um meine Yogastudien zu vertiefen.

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Since as far as I can remember I was interested in everything. World seemed such a fascinating place. So much to do, so much to explore! I have tried so many different things; from knitting to martial arts and all in between.

About 5 years ago I have been introduced to a rising movement culture that caught my attention. Body awareness was at the core of it. That quickly led me towards yoga. My very first Yoga class was a strong Power Yoga routine based on Rocket Yoga philosophy crossed with Ashtanga and a flavor of Pilates. It was exhilarating! I hated it a little as it exposed my weaknesses, but loved it even more!

Since then I’ve tried as many different styles and approaches as I could. Did my RYT 200 hrs teacher training and started looking for my own flow. It is still a work in progress and I don’t think I will ever settle on one style.

So if you have an open mind, want to explore your body’s abilities, challenge yourself, increase body awareness, find your breath – I believe my classes will help you to get there.


Dominica Roszko is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Medicinal Chef who dedicates her time to helping others understand the amazing impact that following a plant based lifestyle can bring to their mind bodies and soul.

With a varied publication background Dominica has featured on Female First, We Are The City, First Women, Virgin and more.

She regularly contributes thought provoking and in depth articles to the media world with her skills and knowledge, Dominica empowers her clients to change their lifestyles with ease, helping them to transition to a life they simply adore!

Dominica offers one on one coaching along with many other exclusive services, and countless clients are simply drawn to her easy going nature and helpful advice Regularly featured at speaking events across the country Dominica is also a pro at live cookery demonstrations and engaging the audience into her world.

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Petri has almost 10 years of teaching experience with hatha and yin yoga and owns the Yoga Hathi studio in the centre of Eindhoven. There she gives her regular yoga classes in English and Dutch, meditation workshops and massages. Her way of living and her classes are firmly based on the samkhya and yoga philosophy. Because of her background in the arts, the classes are creative, down to earth and fun. Petri’s class at the festival will be yin yoga for stress release and relaxation. By ‘massaging’ the organs through the yin yoga poses and guiding the breath, we’ll feel more space in our bodies and become more relaxed.

Yoga Hathi will also be present with a stall selling yoga and meditation accessories and traditionally homemade malas for japa or to wear as jewelry. Petri will be present there the whole day. You are very welcome to come by to chat or ask questions about yoga, meditation or yoga philosophy.

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I am Andrea Gomez and through the power of essential oils, I help people find ways to nourish their bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I firmly believe that as we fill up our own well, we are able to give in a generous and sustainable way to the people, the causes and the creative projects we believe in. This way, we generate a healing, empowering and uplifting ripple effect in the world around us.

Inna Boguslavsky

Hi, I’m Inna and I’m a passionate vinyasa yoga teacher. Born and raised in Ukraine, I currently live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where I’ve opened my own studio just under a year ago. I have discovered yoga about 15 years back, but got into my regular practice in 2013 when living in Dublin, Ireland. By then I had moved a few countries and had been raising two young children which often made me feel out of balance both physically and emotionally. My daily yoga practice made me stronger and more flexible than I have ever been, leaving me always energized, refreshed and full of “”I’ve got this”” attitude.

I completed my yoga teacher training with Frog Lotus International in 2015 and started teaching right away in Dublin.

Having moved to the Netherlands in 2017, it was only natural that I wanted to spread the love of vinyasa yoga practice and that’s how Yogiway studio materialized.

I like my classes to be active, playful and challenging, with a fair amount of stretches, arm balances and inversions suitable for all levels. I like for my practitioners to always listen to their own bodies and take rest or intensify whenever needed during classes, but most of all to practise with intention and switch the “I can’t” into the “I can” both on and off the mat.

Ingrid Bal

Charan Kamal Kaur/ Ingrid Bal (The Netherlands) is kundalini yoga teacher and postnatal doula. She is specialised in postpartum care for mothers, Yoga Rebirthing classes, Kundalini Yoga teachings and gives and organises trainings about these topics. She is hosting her second Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training which is deepening her knowledge, skills and experience. She is married, has two sons and is a passionate gardener.

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Jacinta is an experienced yoga teacher trained in New Zealand. She recently relocated back to the Netherlands with her family. She has an unique teaching style that has inspired many yoga students, young & old. She has been blessed with a wise yogini as mother and therefore has been exposed to the practice of yoga before she was even born! Her mother started teaching yoga while pregnant from Jacinta & her twinsister. From a young age she has been participating in her mother’s classes and trained to become a yoga teacher in 2012. She quickly & smoothly established herself as a popular teacher in Whangarei in New Zealand.

The students love the physical challenges as well as the spiritual wisdom and her personal experience she is sharing openly & generously in her classes. She is a creative & sensitive woman which you can notice in her classes. She believes everyone can practice yoga, you only have to find the right style & teacher. You can expect to laugh in her classes as well as sweat, be challenged, inspired and/or emotional. She loves to bring you back home in this moment in your body in your way and your time.

Since June 2018 she is living in The Netherlands again, after 7 years abroad to be closer to family and enjoy the pleasures of living in The Netherlands. After a hectic year, she is starting to establish herself in The Netherlands as a yoga teacher (yin/vinyasa/prenatal yoga among others) as well as a Journey Practitioner. Jacinta is a mother of two beautiful energetic boys (3 & 1 year old ) and married to a Dutch-Kiwi guy.

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“No matter how relaxed you are, you can always relax more” – Cora Verkuilen

More than 20 years ago Cora Verkuilen (1969) started soul searching and started her journey in practicing thoroughly different styles of yoga, meditation and Pranayama. On top of that she also became a Reiki Master and followed numerous (international) courses to expand her awareness and master her skills.

In 2007 Cora founded her yoga- and breathing company Yogatrainer (www.yogatrainer.nl) in Eindhoven. At Yogatrainer you are taught -through yoga and breath training- how to master your mind and body. In 2012 -2013 she educated 25 yoga trainees in a Train the Trainer program.

Cora has been teaching for over ten years in numerous styles like Poweryoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin-Yang Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Breathworks, Train the Trainer, Corporate Yoga and Corporate Breathwork.

Cora has been teaching for over ten years in Yoga and Breathworks. She developed her own yogastyle, which is beyond yoga. Liquid Yoga it is called and Cora teaches in her studio and on several retreats. She just returned from a 21-day Retreat in Mexico as the Yoga Teacher at the retreat of Worldbreathmaster Dan Brule and she leads an annual retreat in Mozambique with Liquid Yoga and Liquid Breath. Liquid Yoga is a dance between Yoga and Breathing. It is beyond techniques, a deep heart felt feeling practice.

Since 2010 she practices with World Breath Master Dan Brule and assisted him on retreats in Cape Town, Lithuania and the Netherlands. In 2013 Cora practiced with Wim Hof, the Iceman, and trained with him in Poland to master different breathing technics in extremely cold circumstances.

Since 2011 Cora is providing weekly deep breathing sessions at Yogatrainer. This didn’t stay unnoticed and now Cora also travels frequently to many yoga studios in the Netherlands with her “Breath Awakening” session.

As a result of her broad experience Cora developed her own breath methodology called Liquid Breath which is also based on in-depth studies of many different breathing techniques. This year Cora is training Masterclasses to train trainers in her own practitioners program as well.

Cora definitely has her own unique style that can be best characterized as profound, confronting but with a lot of light where her healing hands, her voice and the use of rituals and fragrances will open you up and bring you deeper to your core. But you have to remember… “If you cannot stand the heat. Get out of the kitchen!”

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Liz Allan

I am a Yoga Alliance RYT-500hr yoga instructor, specialising slow flow vinyasa and therepeutic yoga practices. My aim as a teacher is to guide students on an inward journey, leaving them feeling revitalized, balanced and empowered beyond the yoga mat. I carefully sequence my slow flow yoga classes to safely develop students’ strength, mobility and mental focus. My therapeutic, yin and restorative yoga classes seek to reduce the symptoms of chronic stress while resetting the nervous system through deep rest, natural breath and guided relaxation. I began teaching yoga full-time in London, England in 2013. In 2014, I opened Leyton Yoga, a still-thriving boutique studio for authentic practices in East London. In 2018, I moved to Breda in North Brabant, ready to embrace new adventures.

I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and am grateful to my teachers Judith Lasater, Richard Freeman, Donna Fahri and Swami Govindananda of the Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, as well as all my students, for their wisdom and guidance.

All my classes in Breda are taught in English. Whatever your goals or needs, it would be an honour to practice yoga with you.

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Tim Walraven

“Tim is an inspiring yoga sadhaka as he shows the power of yoga through his life, not just on the mat. He took his PG-diploma in India (+1650 hours) and he feels he will always be a student, next to the authentic teacher he is, taking you along on this profound, fun and lively journey. “We are alive to live our full potential.” Join him!

In the past he studied physical education, was active in all kind of sports and adventures. But there was always a longing to discover the deeper meaning of life.
In yoga this came together.

Yoga became a home in his personal and spiritual growth and he became a yoga teacher. After a while he followed his heart, took his family and they moved to India for a year.

He was submerged in the ancient wisdom of the famous Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, ‘where yoga tradition and science meet’ with most experienced teachers. Living as a family at an Indian ashram helped to fully integrate yoga in daily life. A life changing experience!

He is the founder of Jana Yoga and teaches Traditional yoga to all ages. Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy in different studio’s, workshops for business and Personal Yoga, to help you find the peace, power and pleasure within yourself and in the outside world!

Tim: i want to teach, share and listen. I love to guide you on your path of self realisation, while keeping it real and down to earth. By practice we experience the potential of our body, mind & soul. I challenge myself every day to live this. I challenge you to do the same. Feel free. Contact me!

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Pleuni van Hulten

Pleuni is a traveling yoga teacher and former contemporary dancer from the Netherlands. She has been leading retreats and workshops all over the world since 2013. The dynamic Vinyasa classes she teaches are an exploration of the body’s natural way of moving. Her Yin classes are led in a very meditative way to allow you to dive deep into your inner world. She always invites students to find freedom in movement and to feel into their own body and decide with openness and curiosity what it is that works for them individually. Pleuni also works with the healing power of sound, sharing her voice and playing different instruments to bring people into a deep state of relaxation, transforming negative energies.

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Karol Rodrigues

Karol experienced her first yoga class when she was 14 years old. Besides working as Yoga teacher, Karol is a passionate practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and surf.

She is a certified Yoga teacher, recognized by Yoga Allicance and Yoga European Association, and she obtaind her diploma at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in The Netherlands. She is instructed in the Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Yoga & Vedic Philosophy.

Karol’s yoga classes are structured and dynamic and provide a safe atmosphere.

Karol has more than 2000 hours of yoga experience.

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Sam Beukeboom

Sam is a passionate capoeira teacher with over 14 years of experience with the art form. He loves to teach capoeira movements which include elegant kicks and creative acrobatics. Challenging you to learn the game of capoeira while keeping it fun and free.

Acrobatic, expressive, interactive, playful… Capoeira is all of these things, and more!

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Liesbet Leroy

Liesbet Leroy (NIYA Native Flute Music)

Up until 2012 I led a hectic life as a psychologist, organization consultant and mother, until yoga crossed my path. Yoga taught me how to relax, let go and get in touch with my real self.

Music has always played a big role in my life, but soon after I discovered yoga I also became very passionate about Native Flutes.
Playing them is my meditation. Just being present, breathing, relaxing and enjoying the vibrations coming straight from the heart.
It soon became clear to me that I wanted to share this experience with more people.

The past few years, I have been giving chakra balancing workshops and sound healing concerts with Native Flutes and I assist yoga classes (Yin, Restorative,…) with Live Music.
It brings me a lot of joy to experience how my music relaxes people, touches their souls and helps them restore their energy balance.

In my chakra balancing workshops I use Native Flutes in different keys, each key resonating with a specific chakra. By means of a guided meditation/sound healing experience, we make a journey through the 7 chakras. While the music brings you in a state of deep relaxation, the self healing power of your body is stimulated to bring the chakras into balance again.

In January 2019 my CD “Chakra Medicine” has been released, and I hope that I can reach and bring joy and healing to many more people through this medium.

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Aïda Spaninks / DJ Lady Aïda


Having started her DJ career back in 1985, Aïda Spaninks (DJ Lady Aïda) continuous to be a trend setter in the Dutch dance music scene for decades. DJ Lady Aïda is renowned for her razor sharp instinct on electronic dance music.

Nowadays the Grand Lady of Techno is also busy with in her latest “Snooze Sessions” project, were she invites her audience to lay down in theaters and musea and listen to her story of techno soundscapes. With Aïda behind decks and also using her 30 inch Paiste Gong.

In daily life, Aïda Spaninks has been following the Kundalini yoga lifestyle for many years. Since 2014, Aïda is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong Healing trainer. In 2015 Aïda started Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven. The mission of Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven is to bring yoga and meditation to urban places such as public gardens, buildings, theaters and wherever meditation and yoga is needed.

Aïda’s mission: to explore the boundaries between art, design, technology and science with Kundalini yoga and meditation. Aïda teaches weekly classes and organizes Pop Up Yoga events in various public places in the city including Eigen Wijs Boerderij (Philips van Lennepark) Muziekgebouw and for example Van Abbemuseum.

Na haar DJ-carrière in 1985 te zijn begonnen, bleef Aïda Spaninks (DJ Lady Aïda) decennia lang een trendsetter in de Nederlandse dance-muziekscene.

Tegenwoordig is de Grand Lady of Techno bezig met haar “Snooze Sessions” -project, waarbij ze haar publiek uitnodigt om in theaters en musea te gaan liggen en naar haar verhaal van techno soundscapes te luisteren. Met Aïda achter zowel de dj booth als haar 30 inch Paiste Gong.

In het dagelijks leven volgt Aïda Spaninks al vele jaren de Kundalini-yogalevensstijl. Sinds 2014 is Aïda een gecertificeerde Kundalini Yoga-leraar en Gong Yoga & healing trainer. In 2015 startte Aïda met Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven. De missie van Pop Up Yoga Eindhoven is om yoga en meditatie naar stedelijke plekken zoals openbare tuinen, theaters en publieke gebouwen te brengen

Aïda’s missie: om de grenzen tussen kunst, design, technologie en wetenschap te verkennen met Kundalini yoga en meditatie. Aïda geeft wekelijkse lessen en organiseert Pop Up Yoga-evenementen op verschillende openbare plaatsen in de stad, waaronder het Muziekgebouw en het muziekgebouw Eigen Wijs Boerderij (Philips van Lennepark) en bijvoorbeeld het Van Abbemuseum.

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Daleep Kaur

My spiritual name is Daleep Kaur. Daleep means to have compassion. Kaur means the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and power throughout her life. Having the name Daleep Kaur means to have the love to serve all. Compassion means that from a neutral base you serve with love. These words are my mission, my motto and my everyday inspiration quote.

I was born in Moscow, Russia and lived there for 35 years until I moved to Eindhoven, Netherlands 4 years ago.

I graduated from Financial Academy and have worked in banks and audit companies for 10 years before I turned my life totally towards yoga and holistic living. Yoga and massage were my weekly routine against stress back then. After leaving my business career in 2005 I dedicated myself fully to practice and study of yoga and bodywork. Since then I gave group classes in yoga clubs, fitness centers and welness studios, yoga classes for children at private school and yoga class at office. I have also had wide experience with individual classes and healing sessions for people from 5 to 80 years old.

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Angeliki Sotiropoulou

Angeliki is an Ashtanga Yoga student and teacher. Her first interaction with Yoga happened in 2012 and after an intensive 200-hour course she started to teach Hatha Yoga. She was introduced into Ashtanga Yoga by Eleftheria Lagoudaki in 2014, during her time in Athens, Greece. Angeliki continued to apprentice with Eleftheria, who is authorised by KPJAYI.

Since March 2018, she has been assisting Nick Evans, who is authorised (L2) by KPJAYI, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She is practicing regularly under the guidance of her teacher Nick Evans since 2016, following the traditional method of KPJAYI where she travels also to study with Sharathji.

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Thomas van de Loo

A coach, organization developer and marketeer passionate about creating a new world. I’m a rethinker, transformer and ignitor of visions and dreams. I dream of a world where everyone knows their worth, feels safe no matter what and is excited about their life and about changing the lives of others. Oh, and I also want to save the planet.

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Asiia surugina

Here is the brief description of my yoga background. I began my first yoga practice in September 2009, and since then I tried many styles and many teachers over the years until I‘ve chosen hatha-yoga for myself. I started to teach part-time in January 2016 at yoga centre Mytischi in Moscow.

After relocation to Netherlands in August 2018 I went to Arhanta yoga ashram Teacher Training in order to improve my knowledge and qualifications. Currently I am involved in several activities such as giving hatha yoga classes at essink city gym, sparks gym, pilates premium place in Eersel and Health en Sports Club Valkencourt. Longing for teaching you and see you soon on the mats!

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