Help Teachers Survive the Covid-19 Crisis
by Booking Online Classes

Our thoughts and prayers are with the patients, their family and all medical professionals. However, let’s not forget the silent victims of #covid_19

Yoga teachers along with thousands of small businesses across the UK are struggling to survive in the times of #lockdown. All group classes have been suspended to delay the spread of #coronavirus resulting in loss of income for teachers. 😢 On the hand, millions of otherwise healthy people staying indoors are in desperate need of Yoga as it can help reduce anxiety and inculcate a sense of wellbeing. So, here’s the solution.

UK Yoga Teachers Now Offering Classes Online

You can help Yoga teachers stay afloat by booking their online Yoga classes. You can practice much-needed Yoga in the safe environment of your home and also have the teacher’s guidance to correct yourself as the teacher can see you during the live class. This is much better than the pre-recorded Yoga classes on Youtube or Yoga apps because, during the online live classes, the teacher is there for you (virtually).

You will find a large listing of all UK teachers who are now running online Yoga classes. Please get in touch with the teacher via their website/social media to express your interest and they will get in touch with you

Are you a UK based Yoga/Meditation Teacher interested in listing your classes in this online directory?

We are here to help you. Please fill out the form to get your online yoga classes listed here. We will pull out the data you fill in the form and display it here. The form will ask for your class details, pictures, website, social media etc. Please note that you do not pay anything for this service — it is absolutely free! We just want to help.

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