This Indian Startup Aims to Make #Zerowaste Lifestyle Available to All

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This Indian Startup Aims to Make #Zerowaste Lifestyle Available to All

This Indian Startup Aims to Make #Zerowaste Lifestyle Available to All

As we, the humans, are not far away from turning the planet into an ocean of plastic, a silent #Zerowaste movement is also underway. With green grocers popping up in various cities and an increase in demand for bio-degradable goods, Zerowaste is becoming more than a hashtag.

To know more about the availability of eco-friendly products, we got an opportunity to interview the mother-daughter duo, Sandhya and Shivangi, who has recently launched a business to sell zerowaste products. They offer alternatives to everyday use items such as bamboo toothbrishes, dishwash bars, upcycled shoes, reusable cloth female sanitary pads and much more. Here’s what they said:

What motivated you to start a business to promote Zerowaste products? Please tell us about your background

The idea was born in minds years ago though with diverse subjects and it’s true existence came into reality on the International Women’s day 2018- March 8th with our first product being Reusable Cloth pads. The motivation behind this was the power of woman and how this can be globally empowered. All our added lines of products are made in small manufacturing units with majority of support by the village women. After this we kept on moving to more eco- conscious products and added some recycled newspaper decor, hand- made soaps, eco- friendly tooth brush and so on and on. At the moment we are more like a travelling brand and we find suitable exhibitions- Lifestyle, decor and a lot of the others and create awareness about bringing this change for Ourselves and Our Environment.

How has been the response been so far?

Response to change has been really below expected, very low indeed. But the response towards products and their combination into a brand composition has a very good impact, yet he price of living an Eco- friendly lifestyle seems higher to most of the people.

Is there a piece of advice that you would like to give to common people in India about zerowaste living? How can people reduce the waste that they generate

Yes, (Inspired by a video seen recently on Social Media).
REFUSE– refuse what you do not need- free samples, free/ low priced products, leaflets etc etc.
REDUCE– Buy only what you need, and take back home NO PLASTIC.
REUSE– Though in Old Indian traditions, this is a true art to re- use waste brilliantly and I would advice people to continue this art and take it to another level.
WEIGH YOUR and WASTE RECYCLE – Waste segregation and recycling the waste can reduce the garbage dumps to less than half of it already.

Do you have plans to expand your business? India wide or outside of India?

Surely, Yes plans are to expand globally though haven’t work much into thoughts of how to step it outside for selling. But already we have started finding links to contact to producers outside of India to get some products from there.

Please share some details of the products that you manufacture and sell. If you don’t manufacture them yourself, how (and where) are they made?

Manufacture- (In Pilani, Rajasthan)
Craft felt made- stationary and Bag organisers like Book marks, Earphone organisers, Phone covers, IPad/ Kindle covers amd much more.
Items made of waste pieces of cloth- Specs case, Keychains, Carry Bags

Reusable Sanitary Napkins- from Ecofemme, Auroville India
Recycled Newspaper decor- from WELLPAPER, Auroville, India
Natural Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Tooth Powder, Laundary and Dish wash Bar- Probotics House, Auroville, India
Stationary made of Handmande paper from cotton waste- Auroville Papers
Crochet Shoes- Ganesh Beads, Auroville India
Thread Lamps- Auro Bala Craft, Irumbai, India
Natural Fragrances (Incense, cones etc)- Cottage Industries, Pondicherry
Other products from South India- Zero Pencil, Newspaper pencil, 1% plastic pens, Bamboo pencil, tooth brush, razor, Cermaic soap case.

To know more their products, please visit their Facebook page.

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