In our busy lives, we have very little time for ourselves. No point wasting that time in baking, frying or cooking for long hours. Here, we bring to you a super nutritious recipe that tastes yum and you need only 10 minutes to make it – or even less!

Indian food is not only delicious but research has shown that Indian spices have antioxidants which can reduce inflammation, aid digestion and enhance immunity. But the problem is that fried and overcooked Indian food is VERY low in nutrition and all these wonderful properties of spices turn useless.

So, let us show you a way to get great taste and all the health benefits of Indian food by making Indian Curry Salad!



Marinate Indian spices in olive oil and lemon juice for 40 minutes. Put aside Grind coconut in a grinder Blend tomatoes, red capsicum (pepper), coriander and curry leaves together. Add grind coconut to this and blend again
Now add marinated Indian spices to this mixture and blend again.

That’s it! Your yummy coconut curry is ready.

For the salad:

Chop lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes or any other veggies or greens that you like in a bowl. Add sprouted chickpeas to the salad. Pour your coconut curry over it. Enjoy!

Nutrient content:

This dish provides you with iron, all B vitamins(except for B12), protein, carbohydrates, omega 6, omega 9, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium.