10 Reasons to Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival on Saturday| Feb 16th

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10 Reasons to Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival on Saturday| Feb 16th

Stop! And book your tickets for the 2nd annual Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival which is happening on Saturday, Feb 16th at The Oxford Academy, OX46JZ. Fee: From £3 (online); £5 (on the door)We can guarantee you that it will be the perfect family day out. Why?

Why You Must Attend Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival

#Reason 1: Yoga and Meditation Sessions, Talks – All Day Long!

Yoga and Vegan Festival

Yoga teachers from different backgrounds are coming together to teach at Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival and take you to Yoga heaven. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Yogi, you will surely find something that you like.  There many styles of Yoga  classes on offer. You can see the entire timetable here

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#Reason 2:  A Range of Yummy, Fresh Vegan Food

You can treat your tastebuds to some delicious vegan  and gluten-free food (prepared with love) at the festival.  Yum! You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the festival. Let us show you the goodness of plant-based cuisine.

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#Reason 3: Free Classes for Children

You can bring your kids along and let them discover the benefits of Yoga and meditation. Children are welcome to attend Yoga classes with adults. There will also be a family Yoga class on the day. Meditation sessions might not be suitable for young children. Remember, there is no entry fee for children. We believe that all children should have access to Yoga and meditation so that they can have good mental and physical health as adults.

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#Reason 4: Gong Bath

Experience the magic of sound of gong at the festival. Sound Baths are one of the most soothing, body detoxing holistic rejuvenating vibrational ancient tools. The gongs produce a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch, which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell. It feels like a soundmassage for the body and mind (great for those of you who like the idea of a massage, but don’t like to be touched).

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#Reason 5: Henna Art


You can try the beautiful art of henna at the festival. Henna is very famous in India and other Asian countries. It is considered auspicious to apply henna designs on special occasions. Our henna artist is bringing non-toxic, safe henna, so feel free to apply it on your hands, belly, feet, wrists or any other part of your body. Don’t forget to share the pictures afterwards 🙂

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#Reason 6: Talks

Besides attending Yoga and meditation sessions, you can also attend some very interesting talks on the subjects of veganism, wellness, mental health and Yoga at the festival. We feel that it is very important to talk about mental health publicly, so we always have talks on depression, anxiety and self-esteem at all of our festivals.

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#Reason 7: Access to Excellent Teachers

Teachers belonging to  different backgrounds are coming together to teach at Oxford Yoga and Vegan Festival. While some teachers have decades of teaching experience, some have begun their Yoga journey a few years ago. You will be able to experience the unique combination of novelty and experience at the festival. Most of the teachers will be available to chat before or after their classes. All of them are very friendly and helpful, so feel free to seek advice. Find out more about our teachers here

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#Reason 8: It’s Encourages #Zerowaste

Show your support for our #zerowaste initiative by bringing your own cutlery at the festival and enjoy special deals from all of our food stalls. Our food stalls will only be using bio-degradable cutlery.

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#Reason 9: Vegan Shopping from Stalls

Stalls at Yoga and Vegan Festival

You can shop for beautiful handmade and unique vegan products such as skincare, beauty, household products, accessories, jewellery, clothing & accessories, and lots more from over 50 stalls . Most of the stallholders are independent traders and startups. Isn’t it fab to support small businesses! See the list of all stalls here

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#Reason 10: Entry fee starts from only £3

Yes, you read that correctly. There is so much on offer at the festival but the entry is super cheap: from £3 (online) and £5 (on-the-door). You can book classes in advance (for only £4 per class) and get guaranteed space in the class of your choice, so no more waiting and queuing . There are also plenty of free classes to enjoy but those will be on first-come basis. If you don’t wish to pay per class, you can also buy tickets titled ‘Entry to stalls, taks and free sessions’. Only £3!

A single Yoga class usually costs £10 but here you get a Yoga/meditation class plus all talks, free classes access to stalls and lots more for only £4! Isn’t that a great bargain?

So, don’t wait and book your tickets now!

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