Are you allergic to all the toxic chemicals and artificial perfumes in commercial laundry detergents? No problem! This simple recipe to make a fully natural laundry detergent is just for you. The recipe was popular amongst Indian women (a long time ago though) to make a detergent-like base to wash clothes. We have tweaked the recipe to make it even better

Soapberries – The Best Natual Laundry Detergent Ever!

Soapberries are actually fruits of plants commonly found in India. It is called ‘Reetha’ in India. Reetha is famous for having detergent-like properties because it contains Saponin. Not so long ago, Reetha was commonly used in India instead of shampoo. It even generates lather under water. Interestingly, you can make some slight changes to this recipe to make a natural shampoo for yourself. Cool, huh? Here’s the recipe:



Let soapberries boil in 5 cups of water. Keep the flame on medium. It may take 45 minutes to make them so soft that you are able to mash them easily.

Now add baking soda, vinegar, and lavender oil. Cook for another 10 minutes

Use a strainer to sieve through the liquid.

Store it in any water-tight jar.

You can now use it freely in washing machines. We would advice 3 tablespoons per load but you can experiment a little to see how much you need per wash.

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