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Teach at
Yogific’s Yoga & Vegan Festivals

We’re always looking for Yoga teachers, speakers, and well being experts to run sessions at our festivals across Europe. All of our previous events have been successful and featured in the media.

So far, we have collaborated with over 200 Yoga teachers who have taught at our festivals in various locations. While we are unable to provide any monetary compensation to the teachers, we offer them a great promotion avenue.

Our teachers have been successful in finding new students/clients after teaching at the festival.
We look forward to collaborating with you.

What do you get in return:

  • Free publicity on our website and social media where we have a following of over 18,000
  • An opportunity to meet potential clients
  • A space to display your stand-up banners, leaflets, posters etc
  • And lots of gratitude from us

Apply to Teach

Click on buttons below to register yourself to teach at our events. You can also reach us on teach@yogific.com

Bournemouth : July 7th
Bristol : September 7th
Brussels; September 15th


Yogific always publishes teachers’ bio and pictures on its website and also promotes it on its social media. To find your profile, go to the appropriate festival page by clicking on the right button on www.yogific.org/all-events

All teachers are requested to bring their own mats.

We have clearly advertised that attendees need to bring their own yoga mats or buy from some stalls at the festival. Yogific is unable to provide any equipment such as blocks, straps etc. We have done lots of festivals and people always bring their mats, so don’t worry 🙂

Mats can also be rented for £5 form Chakra Project stall at the festival in the UK. Such a facility is not available at festivals outside of the UK.

If equipment is essential for your session, please bring your own or contact us on teach@yogific.com to discuss your special needs.

All teachers can attend any class of their choice. You can show your ‘teacher’ badge and our staff will let you in. You don’t need to book any classes in advance. Feel free to attend any class you like

PA system and mics are provided in large Yoga halls such as Room A and B. As the Talk Room and Room C are usually smaller so devoid of mic but have facility to play music.

There will be a regular 3mm aux cable available for you to connect your phones to the system. The system doesn’t support cds but you could bring your laptop to play the cd as it will be easy to connect laptop to the audio system via aux cable.

If you use any apple devices that need a particular cable, please carry it with you.

Yogific always tells all visitors that they are bound by our terms & conditions. One of the terms clearly states that neither Yogific nor any of the teachers can be hold accountable for any injuries that may arise from a class. People are participating at their own risk. Also, our event insurance company is aware of these terms. If you are a Yoga teacher, it is always a good idea to take public liability insurance but if you are teaching at Yogific’s event, you are covered under our insurance.
Yogific always tells all visitors that they are bound by our terms & conditions. One of the terms clearly states that Yogific events are a public events where photography and videography will take place. Teachers are allowed to take pictures or videos of their class. However, it is always a good idea to ask people before you start the class. If you are teaching children, please ensure that you ask their parents.
Teachers are encouraged to collect contact info of the visitors who have attended their classes – with their permission, of course. You are welcome to bring your sign-up sheet. Most of our visitors are interested in chatting with teachers after the class. You can also give out your leaflets

Teachers/speakers are the backbone of our events. We have collaborated with over 200 teachers in 6 countries across Europe, because we offer an excellent platform for reaching out to thousands of people, finding new students and followers or making new contacts with other individuals and organizations in their field. Yogific events can be viewed as a free advertising opportunity for the teachers whom we promote through our website and social media channels with the total following of 20,000 regular visitors and growing. Teachers also get a free access to the stall area and can attend any classes or sessions without booking. All of that for teaching just one 45-minute long class.

We used to have an all-inclusive ticket for our events where visitors could pay a set fee and attend any class of their choice. However, this created many issues as people became greedy for classes and did not want to leave the room once they got in. While a group of people managed to attend 5 or 6 sessions in a row, others didn’t get an opportunity to attend a single class even after hours of standing in queues. That was unfair and also threatening our health & safety norms due to potential overcrowding of the classrooms and corridors.

As the solution for all those issues, we developed this per-class booking system, so now we are able to keep the numbers of participants of each session under control. Visitors get a free entry to all talks, free workshops and the stall area when they book any single class in Room A and B. They can also bring their children for free. When a visitor buys a class, they spend less that they would on an all-day ticket and are not paying just for a regular Yoga class.

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