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Teach at
Yogific’s Yoga & Vegan Festivals

We’re always looking for Yoga teachers, speakers, and well being experts to run sessions at our festivals across Europe. All of our previous events have been successful and featured in the media.

So far, we have collaborated with over 200 Yoga teachers who have taught at our festivals in various locations. While we are unable to provide any monetary compensation to the teachers, we offer them a great promotion avenue.

Our teachers have been successful in finding new students/clients after teaching at the festival.
We look forward to collaborating with you.

What do you get in return:

  • Free publicity on our website and social media where we have a following of over 18,000
  • An opportunity to meet potential clients
  • A space to display your stand-up banners, leaflets, posters etc
  • And lots of gratitude from us

Apply to Teach

Click on buttons below to register yourself to teach at our events. You can also reach us on teach@yogific.com

Kingston, Jan 19th
Birmingham, Jan 27th
Oxford, Feb 16th
Watford, March 2nd
York, March 2nd
Norwich, April 6th
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