Help Small Businesses Survive the Covid Crisis
by Ordering Products Online

Our thoughts and prayers are with the patients, their family and all medical professionals. However, let’s not forget the silent victims of Covid-19

Thousands of small businesses across the UK are struggling to survive in the times of lockdown. Small businesses usually rely on taking stalls at events to sell their products as they don’t have the resources to open a physical shop. We are saddened to hear that due to suspension of all events, many small businesses are being forced to shut down and ask for help from the Government — they literally have zero income. 😢 On the hand, a lot of the people, staying at their homes, are struggling to shop from supermarkets as they are continuously running out of stuff. So, here’s the solution.

UK Small Businesses Now Delivering Products to Your Home

You can help small, vegan-friendly businesses stay afloat by ordering their products online and getting them delivered to your doorstep. You will find a listing of some great vegan deals. Please get in touch with the business owners via their website/social media to express your interest, and they will send you the details of the products and coordinate with you directly.

Area Specific Deals – Restricted to Postcode

Nation-wide Delivery of Vegan Products

Are you a UK based vegan-friendly small business interested in listing your products in this online directory?

We are here to help you. Please fill out the form to get your vegan products listed here. We will pull out the data you fill in the form and display it here. The form will ask for your product details, pictures, website, social media etc. Please note that you do not pay anything for this service — it is absolutely free! We just want to help.

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