Aren’t all vegetarians and vegans tired of answering the same old question: “But where do you get your protein from?” Non-vegans often forget that their protein (Aka milk, dairy products, eggs or meat) gets its protein from plants! Elephants, cows, and even rhinos do just fine on a plant-based diet. “But we are not elephants!” Yes, that is why we don’t have to eat kilos of grass in a day. We can get our protein from small quantities of nuts and seeds!

Let’s do the math: Protein in Nuts & Seeds v/s Protein in Eggs 

Protein in 1 cup of cashews: 18 grams

Protein in 2 eggs: Only 12 grams

(Source: USDA)

It is worth mentioning here that 2 eggs 373 mgs of cholesterol and consuming eggs daily may eventually shoot up your bad cholesterol so that that you get more prone to heart attacks. Nuts, on the other hand, do not contain any cholesterol!

How to Make a Yummy Vegan Ice-cream That Contains More Protein Than Eggs



Blend cashews with dates, cocoa butter, pea protein powder, and coconut oil with a high power (65o watts and higher) hand blender. Make sure that cocoa butter and coconut oil are melted before you blend them.

Add frozen chopped bananas and blend again. Add salt at the end.

Decorate the ice-cream with pieces of dried bananas and date syrup if you like.

We recommend using Pulsin’s pea protein powder because it has a neutral taste and is made from 100% natural peas. However, if this brand is not available then any pea protein powder will do – just make sure that the brand does not add any artificial ingredients. Pea protein powder is basically grounded pea so nothing to worry.

Nutritional Quotient:

Now let’s calculate the total protein in this recipe:

Protein in 1 cup of cashews: 18 gm

Protein in 2 bananas: 3 gm

Protein in Pea protein powder: 6 gms

Total protein = 27 grams!
(Source: USDA)

Besides protein, this recipe will give you potassium, omega 6 and omega 9