Volunteering at Yogific’s Yoga and Vegan Festivals

Our Yoga and Vegan festivals are aimed at spreading awareness about Yoga and veganism. We are just a small team of vegan Yogis who travel around the world — whenever and wherever possible — to organize events. Our festivals don’t generate a huge amount of profit but only enough income to sustain us. While may have a few paid staff roles, we usually rely a lot on volunteers. Our festivals would be impossible without help and support of compassionate people who work at the events to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Would you like to help us?

What Do Volunteers Do?
Volunteers help us with various aspect of event-management such as managing the ticket desk, info desk, Yoga classrooms, guiding stallholders during set-up, and other random tasks. Before each festival, we will share a detailed info document that will help you help us.

What Do Volunteers Get in Return?
As a volunteer, you get a free hot vegan meal (or a vegan goody bag), vegan snacks, hot drinks and of course, free entry to all classes at the festival. Volunteering shifts are usually only 3 hours long which means that you get enough free time to enjoy the festival and meet like-minded people.

We can also issue ‘Letter of Recommendation’ which can help you during job interviews and college applications.

Apply Now!

Based on the location of your interest, please click on the buttons below to apply for volunteering. If your location is not listed, email info@yogific.com