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Why We’re in Love with These Yoga Pants

If you’re Yoga junkies like us, you would know how it feels to spend hours online browsing through hundreds of websites and Instagram ads to find some really cool Yoga outfits. It is so hard to tell which ones are good without trying them on. We take this risk very often with mixed results. However, we were recently pleasantly surprised by these awesome Yoga pants that we ordered online at BuddhaPants.com. Here’s why we love them:

They are super comfortable
From Hanumanasana (Yogic splits) to Vrishchikasana (the scorpio pose), you can do any posture comfortably in these pants. Thanks to the loose fit, you feel so free! BTW we’re not suggesting that the pants make you do these postures magically. All we’re saying is these pants allow the legs to move freely.

They are so natural & eco-friendly
While nearly all of Yoga leggings are made from very artificial fabrics, these pants are 100% cotton. It feels great to do an intense Yoga workout in them.

They are so easy to carry
The coolest thing about these pants is that you can take them wherever you go. They can be folded like a pretty bag and they occupy very little space. Perfect for traveling Yogis like us

They look good on all body types
Because of the stylish loose fit design, these pants would look good on anyone. Obviously, the same can’t be said about those regular body-hugging Yoga leggings.

If you’re impressed by our review, head to Buddha Pants’ website to order some for yourself. Shop and use code YOGIFIC for 20% off. They are based in the US but they ship worldwide and delivery usually takes less than a week. Oh! And before you leave, please do tell us what else would you like us to review next time.

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