How to Join World Yoga Day Celebrations in Coventry

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How to Join World Yoga Day Celebrations in Coventry

International day of yoga celebrations coventry

Coventry Set to Celebrate World Yoga Day at Centre AT7

June 21st is celebrated as International Day of Yoga all over the world. Last year, thousands of Yogi flocked to the iconic Trafalgar Square to participate in UK’s official celebration of World Yoga Day. However, if you live in Warwickshire, you don’t have to go all the way to London. There is a Yoga festival taking place on June 23rd (Sunday) at Centre AT7 where you can participate in all-day Yoga sessions, attend talks, eat vegan food and check out a small Yoga exhibition too!  And the ticket costs only £1.50! Free entry for children. 10 classes for £1.50 — Isn’t that amazing!

How to Join Coventry’s Celebration of World Yoga Day?

You can check out the timetable of classes and profile of teachers here. There are two ticket types: You can either buy the £3 ticket to attend all 10 classes in Area B and access stalls. Or you can buy classes in Room A for £4 per class. If you buy any single classes in Room A, you get all classes in Area B and access to stalls included in it so no need to buy a separate entry ticket. Free entry for all children!

You can get the £3 ticket for only £1.50 by downloading Yoga App on your phone. Email for more info

Due to the unreliable weather conditions, the festival is taking place indoors.

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